Tips for Learning a New Language

We all want to be articulate. And it would be nice to know more than one language. But getting Rosetta Stone might not be enough. Sometimes you need to psych yourself into the learning mode. The following tips for learning a new language will get you into tip-top shape:

  1. Memorize


People say that memorizing is too rote. Well, it worked for all of us when we were learning our times tables. Well, it did anyways until core math was introduced. However, sometimes there is no substitute for hard work. And some concepts need to be memorized. So get that brain working and prevent Alzheimer’s at the same time by repeating until mastered.


  1. Be Patient


This is a little like working out. You get on that treadmill after years of only walking for exercise. And you stay the same weight. You are building muscle and everyone tells you that you look better, but all you know is that the scale is not moving. But it will. Eventually there will be no more muscle to be sculpted and you will burn up all that extra fat. It could take a year or two, but it will happen with consistency. That is exactly the type of perseverance you will need in learning a new language. You will feel after a couple months of hard work that you’re going nowhere. You will look at the mountain you still need to learn. And you will feel like you’re never going to get there. But after a year or two, you will be so much better if you continue to practice. But if you give up, then not so much.


  1. Reward Yourself


Eventually you will like watching movies in that language. So you should do so. Rent some and enjoy being able to comprehend what is going on. Or if you’re not there yet, and watching is still work, then order a pizza after a milestone. You need to keep yourself going with positive reinforcement. The more you train yourself with little prizes, the more disciplined you will become in wanting to get to those treats. Just don’t cheat, as that will take the drive away from you working toward something. Looking forward to eatingĀ traditional Korean side dishes can give you a great motivation!


  1. Find a PenPal


Pen pals are great people to exchange ideas back and forth with. You will want to help motivate yourself by finding a new friend. That person should be someone that you admire and would like to get to know. There is nothing more motivating than wanting to talk to someone but needing to learn the language first. You can do this. Just make sure that the person knows that you want to be friends but the language exchanging will take work. Let them know that you are committed to trying, and ask them to put forth the same effort with you. Reward that person for their effort with small thank you gifts. It will help motivate the other person to continue working with you. They are helping you and giving of their time, so make sure that you recognize this.